June 6

Brixton Market too late to go to the African Fabric Store

Brixton Market too late to go to the African Fabric Store

This day was organized around organizing my travel mostly worked in the flat organizing the trip. on the lap top. Reserving the Assistance on the train. Finding out I left my charger cord at the Wrights. Doing Laundry – Washer and Line dry just like home, and Ironing board up in the main room just like home. But did get a walk to the Brixton Market to get a new phone charger. – had to buy a new phone – they were out of just cords – not too pricey but just the phone the actual number will cost more. Reading the book the Seer and the Sayer about a friends journey to – well it’s complicated.



But the most memorable part of the day – after errands stopped in the pub again to read – that’s not weird here, so I just finished the part about an encounter the fairies at the Serpent Mound in Ohio. And was sitting sort of feeling the frustration of not being able to have non public conversation with any of the Burgh Tribe when a gentleman from two tables away waved at me and asked if I was alright. He came over and most of what he said I needed to ask him to repeat but we managed to share a few laughs and at one point he said to me in a very clear and directive manor: “When you see a friendly person you need to go talk to them”

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