Alabama 3

What a trip down the internet rabbit hole can lead to

Alabama 3

This is the story: I’m guessing it was 2011ish, maybe earlier I had just discovered music on you tube. Not sure if it was my sister’s or my neighbors hand me down laptop.   And I had also found BBC Radio, in fact BBC Scotland, and I was listening to Ravi Sagoo who played the the best mix of one wonderful thing after another, maybe Frank Sinatra followed by well let’s say the Proclaimers. I say the Proclaimers because that’s who he played – you know 500 miles, but not sure what he played that night.  So I thought ahhhh the Proclaimers let’s look them up on YouTube. And after one or 2 familiar tunes I see Sweet Joy with Alabama 3. So that was pretty special, let’s see who this Alabama 3  is. Then I see this Mao Tse Tung Said  . So I assumed this was taking place somewhere down South and these folks were all singing about their guns and I assumed they were all carrying. But while I was being horrified  I was also really loving the sound and all the layers of sound. Quite the confliction  shortly followed by the relief of research revealing that the were British!    That changed everything! as did listening better and hearing a few more songs so I could fall unconflictedly in Love.

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