Me and My MS

The words consistency and Multiple Sclerosis don’t often go together. But my MS is what is consistent between the initial purpose of this blog  – to document my trip to the UK in purpose of this blog was to document my 2013 trip to the UK, and now – when I still need to write about that trip as well as what is happening for me now.

Multiple Sclerosis is funny in that none of us have the same symptoms exactly and even when they are the same – say difficulty walking – they’re the same differently. And then there are the fluctuations of how severe the symptoms are.

My trip – the one that started things  and how it was planned considered my multiple sclerosis in several ways:

I was able to take the 4 months because I get a disability check. So I get most of my income with out needing to hold a job. Which is rightfully so because now my job is to maintain all of the activities and practices required to maintain functioning at the level I do. With no days off.

I would have loved to go to the UK in the fall when it is cheaper and I could see several Alabama 3 concerts plus God knows who else – but the temperature is constantly in the 80s and 90s here in the summer and not only do I barely function and have to pay high electric for the AC (Portable one thanks to the MS Society), but I back slide on any progress I have made.

I have to move slowly and rest often For example instead of being able to take advantage of a ride up to Holmfirth to see the concert I will need to go up the day ahead and spend the rest of that day resting – then get dressed in my fun outfit then rest then go to the concert then spend the next day resting.



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