June 5

Courtyard at Prince Albert

Courtyard at Prince Albert

The trouble with posting later is that I forget. The cognitive psychologist I saw pointed out that you write things down so that you can forget them. What I won’t forget is  Going to a Post Office, The Phoenix Cafe and across the street my very first pub The Prince Albert, and meeting Chris and Stevie – hope I’m spelling that right – Teech and Librarian of Love from the Alabama 3 web site.True to their names I got some cultural education and books recommended regarding Brixton in the 80’s?: Wise Children by Angela Carter and Life in Brixton by Martin Millar.

Wish I had a photo of the woman who worked at the Phoenix who said “Sit down love” then had a chat, Also – learned about flapjacks – a less sweet better textured granola bar. Something I’ll miss.



Court yard at the Prince Albert

other side of courtyard at Prince Albert

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